Leadership and Mental Illness

The quote below is from a great blog post from Carlos Whittaker regarding mental illness, leadership and the church. 

So let me dispel some common myths the church has when it comes to mental illness.
1. A person struggling with mental illness needs to have more faith.
My faith and my seretonin levels have nothing to do with each other.
2. A person struggling with mental illness should forgo medicine and pray harder.
You wouldn’t tell an asthmatic to pray harder during an asthma attack. You would tell them to suck on that inhaler.
Same thing.
3. A person struggling with mental illness can’t lead in ministry.
Read the Bible. It’s filled with cray ppl like me killing it for God.
Oh. And you are crazier than you think you are.
— Carlos Whittaker - My Panic Attacks, My Mental Illness, And The Church’s Dirty Little Secret

I have heard countless stories of leaders who get told the same advice from leaders in the church and it breaks my heart. 

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