Thoughts from #OC16 - Share the WHY

Your ministry will only be effective when your leaders, volunteers and parents know the mission and vision of that ministry. I feel like we have said what our mission is quite frequently. It is that we want to see kids and students motivated by the Gospel to live out their faith everyday. 

We hope that in our kids ministry our kids learn to do this by: 

  1. Knowing Jesus
  2. Loving others like Jesus loves them
  3. Sharing Jesus with those around them

So, what I have come to realize at #OC16 (Orange Conference) is simply this:

"0nce you think you have shared your vision too much you are only getting started." -Rebekah Bullard  

Another leader put it like this: 

"As a leader you constantly have to fill your bucket because vision always leaks out." - Sue Miller  

No matter how good of a communicator you are everyone needs to be reminded why you do what you do because you can't always see the results.  

One key thing for me so far this week has been that we cannot stop telling everybody why we show up every Sunday. We show up at TPCKidmin to motivate students and kids to live out their faith by teaching them the Gospel and the Truth contained in scripture.  

"We don't want people to show up to our church just to show up. We want to connect them to a growing relationship with Christ." - Dan Scott  

My brain is in hyperdrive after two days of learning, dreaming and vision casting for the future generations of our church, but none of those thoughts will make an impact on our ministry if we do not share the WHY we do what we do with everybody.