Thoughts from #GS17 - Find . Grow . Keep



One thing that Laszlo Bock shared at #GLS17 (Global Leadership Summit) was how there is a need for every organization to do three things to ensure great productivity. They are: 

1) Find people.
2) Grow your people.
3) Keep them!

This sounds super easy but to anyone who works in kidmin knows how hard it is to find your leaders let alone keep them. I have decided to make a shift at how I go about these three areas. The main shift will be to "Give Your Work Meaning." This was another point that he made during his talk and the difficulty came from another quote of his.

Some remember the duty but forget the meaning.
— Laszlo Boch - GLS17

If volunteers in our ministries are not being reminded of the meaning daily, or even weekly, why are we surprised when the volunteers get lost in their duty. If we simply ask volunteers to teach the kids using a curriculum and have little to no conversation regarding the true meaning of our ministry we need to make a switch. We need to help volunteers connect the duty of the ministry with the life changing stories of the children they are leading.

Make the switch to talk more about why we do what we do instead of talking about what we do.  

Here is our answer to why we do what we do: We want to see all kids and students motivated by the Gospel to live out their faith everyday.

We want to see all kids and students motivated by the Gospel to live out their faith every day.
— #Cradle2College at The Peoples Church

When we are looking for a new volunteers I first want them to know why we do ministry. After that I need to change how we train them so they can carry out the why through how we do ministry. The key to keeping volunteers is to call them into something that has meaning and that is larger than all of us. We cannot be done with the duty if we are constantly trying to make the world better.

Three simple words from the GLS has me thinking about retaining leaders and that is a conversation worth having regularity.