Live Notes from Preaching Lab - Session 1

Mike Penninga Senior Pastor
Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church

  • “You’re boring.”
    • We don’t want to bore people with the message of Christ
  • How do we share the message?
  • Paul - Romans 10 :14-15 NLT - USE FOR CHANGE
    • Jesus is the headline for everything
  • Messengers 
  • 2 Timothy 4:2
    • Patiently - Correct, encourage, rebuke 
  • Definition of Preaching
    • Truth through personality, made alive by the Holy Spirit that results in changed lives.
  • Applications always trumps acquisition
    • People might need to live out the last sermon they heard
    • Written words do not produce life change 
  • Matthew 7:24-27
  • God does not shape us in the knowing but in the doing
  • We need to help people understand what to do next. How do they follow-up with what is spoken
  1. Preach with authority - the WORD
    1. Preach the truth 
  2. Preach with integrity - the LIFE
    1. “Follow me as I follow Christ” - Paul
    2. This generation listens with their eyes. Words matter less than actions. 
  3. Preach with Humility - the ATTITUDE
    1. preachers are not superior. They struggle just as much as everyone else. 
    2. If people only hear stories of victory - they lose hope.
    3. If they only hear stories of failure. they lose respect
  4. Preach with simplicity - the message