Live Notes from Preaching Lab - Session 2.1

Patti Miller
Lead Pastor
Evangel Pentecostal Church

The way that we tell stories can be compelling and create a hook for people.

  • How do we take a moment and make it into a story? 
    • Humour etc.
  • God’s word is not just a book. It is the sacred, holy living thing that is the story of God that should impact the way we live. 
  • Sometimes God is mentioned in big ways like when the sun stands still, or not at all.
    • In Esther God isn’t mentioned but He is clearly there.
    • how do we make those stories change people?
  • If people cannot understand why Jeremiah wept we are not telling a compelling story. 
    • If people don’t know the why they won’t be impacted by the story.
  • When we are enthralled by the telling of the story it doesn’t matter that we know the end of the story.
    • If people are bored we are not telling the story properly.
    • We watch movies and read books multiple times even though we know the ending. We are enthralled by the larger story.
  • We need to jump right into the story and allow the layers of the WORD of God wash over us and allow it to change us. 
  • Remind the congregation about what has taken place before. Describe the situation, context and environment. 
    • Use great description to paint the correct picture. 
  • Jesus, in the book of Mark is taken “just as He was” into the boat.
    • He is tired 
    • He falls asleep - that is okay because His job was not to work the boat.
    • “and the storm comes up.” - Five words that can paint a great picture. 
    • The disciples become scared.
      • When we are scared it can come out as anger, or it can come out as misunderstanding.
    • While all this is happening Jesus is snoring.
      • “Don’t you even care that we are dying!” - Peter
    • Jesus wakes up and looks out and quiets the storm.
    • He asks the disciples where is your faith?
      • They become scared
      • They cannot comprehend the power of Jesus and how He would be able to calm a storm. 
    • The last time someone told water what to do it was Moses, through the work of God.
    • As Jewish boys the disciples would have known that water only moves when God is at work. 
    • They are wondering and now realizing that God is in their boat. 
  • Invite the people into the story and to wrestle through the questions. 
  • He is God and He is in control. Encourage people to pause and absorb the story into their hearts. 
  • Trust that people will be shaped by the living and powerful WORD of God.