One Question All Babies Are Asking

I am a huge fan of the "It's Just A Phase So Don't Miss It" resources that I felt I needed to share it with you. They posted a great article on how important it is to reassure all babies can answer the question:

"Am I Safe?"

However, we can apply this evidence to what we already know about our sweet babies. You are the More Knowledgeable Other in the life of your baby. You are meeting their basic physiological needs by feeding them, keeping them clean, and placing them in a safe place to sleep. You are the person who helps your baby understand that it is not a good idea to pull the cat’s tail. You are the person who lets your little one experience new things. You rejoice when they are excited about a new toy and show empathy when that toy is lost.
— The Phase Project

You can access the full article here. You can also look at a few other articles that deal with the caring of infants and toddles in your kids ministry or as a parent.